Jazz in the fall

Jazz in the fall

This past fall Louise Bøttern Group went to Jutland for concerts in Esbjerg and Randers – my hometown. I was very exited to make these trips with the band and we were very well received by an engaged and vigorous audience!

After having to make some really tough but necessary changed to my everyday life and teaching, I look forward to a year where jazz will play a much bigger role in my life. I will immerse myself in new material and arrangements and I’ll do my best to bring this lovely music out to all you jazz lovers all over the country.

Were we’re fortunate to be able to do some live video recording at the concert at Værket, and I hope to have some footage ready for you very soon.


Home shoes made by yours truly..

Home shoes made by yours truly..

One of the goodies you could get (apart from the music of course) when supporting my crowdfunding campaign for the album “Kick Off Your Shoes” was a pair of crochet home shoes made by me. Get the idea?? They came in a shoe bag – again homemade by yours truly. It turned out to be a lot of work but SO much fun – and that Christmas holiday you did not see me without yarn in my hands! I made around 15 pairs of shoes and almost as many shoe bags. Most of these were given to the wonderful crowdfunders at the release party. BUT…. there are still a few pairs left.

  • 1 pair size 38: Light blue and white
  • 1 pair size 39: Dark grey and white
  • 1 pair size 40: Light blues and white
  • 1 shoe bag with Kick Off Your Shoes logo – only 1 left!

Send me a message if you want to buy yourself a pair of comfy shoes!

Often when I visit family and friends I find that they’re still wearing and loving the shoes and it warms my heart (and their feet)!


Album Release

Album Release

Thank you for a FABULOUS evening at my album release!

Thanks for all your greetings, cards, presents, wine and flowers that have been decoration my house the past few weeks! And last but not least – a big thank you to all of you who were there on the 27. at La Fontaine in Copenhagen. I was moved and very grateful that so many wanted to celebrate this joyous event with us.

My dear family was came from Fyn and Jutland to participate, a couple of old school friends from ‘way back’, whom I haven’t seen in maybe 15 years were there and so many wonderful friends and girlfriends, music colleagues, singing students and jazz lovers came by. Some just came in from the street to see what it was all about. To have gathered so many of my favorite people all in one spot – I’m keeping that warmth and love with me!

Thanks to La Fontaine for making the perfect frame for this occasion and a special thank you to the wonderful musicians; Catrine Frølund, Tomas Raae and Mikkel Find – a wonderful combo to play with!

Release party photos here

In the period ahead I will be focussing on bringing the music out in front of a live audience again. If you’ve subscribed to the newsletter or follow my page on Facebook you’ll be sure to know when and where – so stay tuned for upcoming events! Hope to see you there!

Gratitude to the crowdfunders

Gratitude to the crowdfunders

My deepest gratitude to all those who lend a helping hand by supporting my crowdfunding campaign for the album “Kick off your shoes”! Thanks to you the record is now in printing!

You can start looking forward to your presents for supporting my project; Homemade crochet shoes in a beautiful homemade shoe bag with the ‘Kick Off Your Shoes” logo, or a personal musical video greeting from Bøttern & Frølund, my contagious laugh as a ringtone for your mobile and most importantly of course – your copy of the album!

Soon to follow is the invitation for the ALBUM RELEASE!

Thank you once again for all your support and help!

Recording Days

Recording Days

Two days in the studio with the wonderful musicians and 11 songs are now on tape – and it has been a great experience!

In August I met for rehearsals with the whole band for the very first time. Catrine Frølund on piano, Kaspar Vadsholt on bass, Mikkel Find on drums and Jan Harbeck on tenor sax and clarinet. They were really sharp with adding small changes to the arrangements and bringing their own personal touches to the music. The week after that we went to the studio Mill Factory and Boe Larsen here in Copenhagen and recorded everything in two days. After that the music was ready for mix and mastering – and now in October I already have the final result.

See the pictures

This whole process has been all about choosing; tracks and mixes – the right sound and the right feel on all songs. Catrine and jazz singer Nana Boesen were both an enormous help in making those choices. Thank you for that!

I also had a session with photographer Tue Schiørring. My dear friend Jesper Brun Pajor helped me with hair and makeup and stayed to make sure we got the perfect pictures.

Right now I’m gathering text and material for graphic designer Catrine Lucie Søndergaard who will create the album cover.

The pictures, the art work and of course the music – all will be revealed soon at the release party!