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”Louise Bøttern comes through with flying colours and high quality, almost sails right through the not so easy Monk-pieces with perfect pronunciation and an apparent and natural swing deep down in the vocal treasury. It’s hip and funny.”
– Henrik Wolsgaard-Iversen, Jazz Special

”One of the absolut best jazzy jazzrecords I have heard in a long while. Jazz exactly like I want it; unartificial and straight forward, sensitive, unheard melodious and filled with beautiful melody lines and last but not least humor, both in the singing and instrumentally. With notes clear as a bell she shows what a competent jazz singer she is.”
– Bo Ingvar Svensson

Respect for the generally speaking untraditional material.”
– Martin Loft, Loftskammer

“Respects the original,.. knows what she wants with the great american songbook,.. a technically well performed vocal jazz album.”
– Niels Overgård, Jazznyt

”Modesty is her quality, she is honest … She has good timing, she swings, she has taste, she can scat, she’s beautiful…”
– Conservatory exam jury

“Unique concert experience! We all sat there with goose bumps and a heartfelt joy to be experiencing this talent – for what a voice! A voice with a broadness and vocal range one rarely meets. A voice that could burn expressively regardless of where on the scale it moved.”
– Kristin Kristiansdottir, concert guest