Recording Days

Two days in the studio with the wonderful musicians and 11 songs are now on tape – and it has been a great experience!

In August I met for rehearsals with the whole band for the very first time. Catrine Frølund on piano, Kaspar Vadsholt on bass, Mikkel Find on drums and Jan Harbeck on tenor sax and clarinet. They were really sharp with adding small changes to the arrangements and bringing their own personal touches to the music. The week after that we went to the studio Mill Factory and Boe Larsen here in Copenhagen and recorded everything in two days. After that the music was ready for mix and mastering – and now in October I already have the final result.

See the pictures

This whole process has been all about choosing; tracks and mixes – the right sound and the right feel on all songs. Catrine and jazz singer Nana Boesen were both an enormous help in making those choices. Thank you for that!

I also had a session with photographer Tue Schiørring. My dear friend Jesper Brun Pajor helped me with hair and makeup and stayed to make sure we got the perfect pictures.

Right now I’m gathering text and material for graphic designer Catrine Lucie Søndergaard who will create the album cover.

The pictures, the art work and of course the music – all will be revealed soon at the release party!